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Ten members of The Conservation Planning Group will be attending The Society for Conservation Biology – Oceania meeting in Fiji on July 9 – 11th 2014. The theme of this year is “Resilient island ecosystems and communities” and three sub-themes will be addressed: “Vulnerable ecosystems, communities and species“, “Adaptive & community-based management of socio-ecological systems“, and “Conservation in a changing Oceania“.

Download the full schedule from the conference website.

Below is a summary of our presentations and symposia. Feel free to contact us for more information, or even better, come and say hi in Fiji!


  • Professor Bob Pressey: Conservation planning. FRIDAY 13:30


  • Mariana Fuentes: Systematic conservation planning for marine mega-fauna (VE-06).
  • Melanie Hamel, Vanessa Adams, Sangeeta Mangubhai: Socioeconomic considerations in conservation planning: past, present, future (CBM04).
  • Rebecca Weeks: Advancing the integration of connectivity processes into marine conservation planning (CBM-01).
  • Amelia Wenger, Ian Craigie, Bob Pressey: Prioritising conservation actions on tropical islands (CCO-04).


  • Vanessa Adams: Understanding the socio-economic context: research trends, gaps, and future directions. FRIDAY 11:00, AUSAID2
  • Jorge Alvarez-Romero: A practical approach to design a network of marine reserves in the Midriff Islands (Gulf of California) considering connectivity and climate change. WEDNESDAY 11:30, AUSAID2
  • Ian Craigie: The costs of conservation management on islands – developing a framework to understand and optimise spending. THURSDAY 15:00, AUSAID3
  • Mariana Fuentes: Prioritising multiple management actions for marine mega-fauna conservation. FRIDAY 14:30, AUSAID1
  • Georgina Gurney: Poverty and protected areas: an evaluation of a marine integrated conservation and development project in Indonesia. FRIDAY 12:00, AUSAID2
  • Melanie Hamel: Incorporating socioeconomic information into coral reef conservation planning in the Pacific: it’s not all about fisheries. FRIDAY 10:45, AUSAID2
  • Bob Pressey: Conservation in paradise: prioritizing management actions on islands in the Great Barrier Reef and Pilbara regions of Australia. THURSDAY 14:30, AUSAID3
  • Rebecca Weeks: Towards explicit objectives for connectivity in conservation planning. WEDNESDAY 12:00, AUSAID2
  • Amelia Wenger: The use of expert elicitation in prioritising conservation management actions. THURSDAY 14:45, AUSAID3

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