Terrain, the Natural Resource Management (NRM) group looking after the Wet Tropics region in Far North Queensland, launched their Wet Tropics NRM Plan this Friday, 20th November 2015.

Australia has 54 NRM regions, which are defined by catchments and bioregions. These regions are grouped into 8 NRM clusters, areas that have some commonality of climate, land type and land use. Much of the management of our natural resources across Australia, and focus for investment goes through the NRMs.

The Wet Tropics NRM Plan highlights the work we’ve done identifying areas important for biodiversity to survive climate change, and also for carbon sequestration and storage. There are opportunities for carbon offset funding that can help protect these important areas, or be put towards revegetation and restoration. The challenge is to find areas that can maximise multiple outcomes. Our prioritisation work incorporates the important areas for biodiversity now, and areas crucial for biodiversity to survive severe climate change; as well as areas important for carbon.

From Wet Tropics NRM Plan website:

The role of the Wet Tropics NRM Plan (the Wet Tropics Plan for People and Country) is to influence all levels of decision making, including policy makers, investors, community groups, local government and land managers.

It does this through:

– Prioritisation: Identifying regional goals, unique challenges and priority actions based on community values and the best available knowledge, in turn attracting investment for these priorities.

– Connections: Facilitating partnerships, helping people make connections and stimulating action.

– Knowledge: Providing community members and land managers with information to help them manage what is valued in the region, including maps.

– Monitoring: Providing the basis for tracking progress towards the goals.


Getting the NRM Plan together was an enormous task; as Terrain have worked hard to ensure that the plan has resources useful for their work and for their stakeholders.


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