From 18-21 February 2016, six members of the Conservation Planning Group organized a writing workshop on Magnetic Island. The main aim of the workshop was to produce a journal paper describing the first stage of a global database on planning studies. The explosive growth of systematic conservation planning in the last decade has made it increasingly difficult for scientists and practitioners to keep track of studies. Resulting problems include duplication of work, failure to take advantage of previous exercises, and difficulties in understanding best-practice. The prototype database, now complete, covers all peer-reviewed papers (160) in marine conservation planning and, where available, their supporting project reports. The database contains about 55 fields, covering key aspects of each study, and will allow users to browse and search studies, map their locations, identify relationships between studies and fields within studies, and extract statistics and trends. The medium-term strategy is to extend the prototype to a fully comprehensive, progressively updated, open-access database on all studies in systematic conservation planning, including reports outside the peer-reviewed literature.

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