We are thrilled to announce that Adrian Arias is the inaugural winner of the Glenn Almany Memorial Prize  for his research on management and practice in marine protected areas in Costa Rica:

Arias, A, Cinner, JE, Jones, RE and Pressey, RL (2015). Levels and drivers of fishers’ compliance with marine protected areasEcology and Society 20(4):19.

The Glenn Almany Memorial Prize will be awarded annually by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in memory of the passing of our colleague and friend, Dr Glenn Almany to acknowledge his scientific achievements and inspire the next generation by his dreams. Glenn was a fine scientist with a passion for making a difference for local people dependent on coral reefs. The prize is awarded to the graduate student whose research required them to work with people beyond traditional academic boundaries to make a difference or which has the potential to influence policy, management or practice.

Glenn Almany
Glenn Almany

Adrian says:

I recall seeing Glenn around the Centre during the first year of my PhD, unfortunately I did not meet him.

I have heard great things about Glenn so I would like to donate 100% of this prize toward his memory.

I would like to give 50% of the prize to a crowdfunding initiative that his friend Michael Webster started, this effort aims to help Glenn’s family attend his memorial that will be held during ICRS (https://www.gofundme.com/vkvk5znb).

Then I would like to give the remaining 50% to the Arnavons Endowment Fund (http://www.arnavons.com/). The Arnavon Islands are in the Solomon Islands (a least developed country), and they support the largest hawksbill turtle rookery in the Western Pacific. This Fund supports the ongoing management costs of the Arnavons. Glenn did a lot of work on parrotfish around the Arnavons, and he met the people working on conserving these Islands.

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