In May 2016, Bob Pressey is spending four weeks working at the Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG) in Goiânia, Brazil. Bob is a visiting professor at UFG, and working principally with Rafael Loyola and his research students. In the accompanying photo, Rafael is the cool-looking dude at the back, toward the left, checked shirt, not tucked in. Rafael and Bob are working on ways to predict where conservation impact (the positive difference made by conservation actions) can be greatest in the Cerrado biome, a global biodiversity hotspot. Bob and Rafael will also visit the Federal capital, Basilia, so that Bob can present a seminar to conservation agencies on conservation impact. On his way home, Bob will give a similar presentation in Belém, where he will meet with a friend and colleague Ana Albernaz, based at the Museu Goeldi, and people from TNC Brasil about conservation planning in the catchment of the Tapajós River, within the Amazon Basin.

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