Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 08.46.10Last week I wrote about our new paper in Journal of Applied Ecology, Using reef fish movement to inform marine reserve design.

My co-authors and I really excited to see the approach we demonstrate in the paper applied elsewhere, so I was thrilled to be contacted by Jensi Sartin of Reef Check Foundation Indonesia (and JCU alumnus) who asked whether we could translate the infographic that I created to accompany the paper into other languages.

With Jensi’s help, you can see the Bahasa Indonesia version of the infographic below! This version still uses the species of interest and marine protected area sizes for Pohnpei, but we hope to see the analyses re-run for the fish species that are most valued in Indonesia.

If you’d like to use our approach of using fish home range size to design or improve the effectiveness of marine protected areas elsewhere, please get in touch!


Weeks, R., Green, A. L., Joseph, E., Peterson, N. and Terk, E. (2016), Using reef fish movement to inform marine reserve design. J Appl Ecol. doi:10.1111/1365-2664.12736

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