Since returning to Brazil after his PhD with the Conservation Planning Group, Rafael Magris has continued to publish the research in his thesis. His final thesis chapter is now out in Global Ecology and Conservation. Rafael’s PhD focused on spatial planning for Brazilian coral reefs, and on aspects of biodiversity pattern, larval connectivity, and resilience to climate change. In this last chapter, he developed a way of integrating data and objectives for all three considerations, and tested how well each consideration, treated separately, led to incidental achievement of objectives for the other two. He also assessed how well the existing system of coral-reef marine protected areas achieved objectives, and recommended some new priority areas for attention.

Magris, R.A., Pressey, R.L., Mills, M., Vila-Novae, D.A, Floeter, S. 2017.Integrated conservation planning for coral reefs: Designing conservation zones for multiple conservation objectives in spatial prioritisation Global Ecology and Conservation, 11:53–68.

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