Another new paper comes from our five-year project on prioritising management actions on the Pilbara islands, off the north-west coast of Western Australia. We’ve been collaborating with WA Parks and Wildlife to develop an interactive decision-support tool to allow managers to prioritise their investments in island management. Behind the new software is a study, now published online, that models temporally explicit  trajectories of island populations of both native and invasive species. The models tell managers how invasive species will decline in response to management actions, and over what periods, and how native species will recover as a result. The models can also tell managers about the effects over time of ceasing management actions, perhaps in cuts to funding. The paper is led by Cheryl Lohr, the project’s postdoctoral fellow based in Parks and Wildlife in Perth, and is coauthored by two members of the Conservation Planning Group – Amelia Wenger and Bob Pressey.

Lohr, C.A., Hone, J., Bode, M., Dickman, C.R., Wenger, A., Pressey, R.L. 2017. Modeling dynamics of native and invasive species to guide prioritization of management actions.8,5 (e01822).

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