One of our new papers – Making time for space – comes from a writing workshop at O’Reilly’s resort in the Border Ranges of southern Queensland. The workshop was led by Vanessa Adams, now at Macquarie University. Attendees included two members of the Conservation Planning Group – Jorge Álvarez-Romero and Bob Pressey – and Allan Dale from JCU’s Cairns Institute.

Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups are key players across northern Australia in environmental planning, and are moving to inform planning decisions with predictions about climate change, including the movement of species as climatic suitabilities shift. Funding for NRM groups has been progressively reduced, and with it institutional and resource capacity to deliver on climate-ready NRM plans. The paper recommends governance reform and institutional adaptation to improve spatial planning for climate adaptation in Australia.

Adams, V.M., Álvarez-Romero, J.G., Capon, S.J., Crowley, G.M., Dale, A.P., Kennard, M.J.. Douglas, M.M., Pressey, R.L. 2017. Making time for space: The critical role of spatial planning in adapting natural resource management to climate change. Environmental Science & Policy 74:57–67.

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