Two years ago, Bob Pressey established a long-term collaboration with a research group led by Raphael Loyola at the Federal University of Goiás in Brazil. Rafael’s group focuses on biogeography and conservation planning. One of our recent joint projects looked at the distribution and conservation of reptiles in Argentina, involving Raphael’s colleague Javier Nori. A journal paper, led by Javier, as just been published online in Environmental Conservation. The paper highlights the residual nature of protected areas in Argentina, in line with protected-area systems in other parts of the world. With that background, the paper proposes priority conservation areas, considering land-use change and climate change. The study demonstrates the need for strategic planning of protected areas in Argentina if biodiversity loss is to be arrested.

NORI, J., LEYNAUD, G., VOLANTE, J., ABDALA, C., SCROCCHI, G., RODRÍGUEZ-SOTO, C., PRESSEY, R.L., LOYOLA, R. (2017). Reptile species persistence under climate change and direct human threats in north-western Argentina. Environmental Conservation, 1-7.

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