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SEMINAR: Jess Cheok – Co-management in Australia’s Marine Protected Areas

Jess Cheok will be presenting her MPhil confirmation seminar: “Developing a theoretical framework to evaluate the current status and progress of co-management in Australia’s Marine Protected Areas.”

Jess’s project aims to amalgamate existing theories on co-management of protected areas into a cohesive theoretical framework (co-management matrix). Formulating this framework is important because existing theories on co-management are disparate and separate, making consistent evaluations of co-management regimes difficult. The framework will be used to evaluate existing marine co-management arrangements in Australia, on a state and federal (Commonwealth) level. Doing this will provide important insights into trends of successful or unsuccessful regimes and highlight significant differences between the existing co-management arrangements. Consistent evaluations of co-management should be a priority, in order to become more effective in determining problems within regimes and improving them to produce successful outcomes

When: Monday, 28th of October 2013; 11:00 to 12:00 hrs
Where:Building 34-room 124, JCU, Townsville.


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