IMCC2014_LogoThe conservation planning group will soon be heading off to Glasgow, Scotland, for the third International Marine Conservation Congress. We’re leading two symposia, have seven presentations, and two posters in the Exhibit hall, so come and say hi!
We’ll also be tweeting on #ConsPlan and #IMCC3.

Building an evidence base for marine conservation: evaluating the ecological and social impacts of MPAs
Friday 15th August; 11:00 – 13:00
Room: Carron A

Advancing the integration of connectivity processes into marine conservation planning
Monday 18th August; 08:30 – 10:30
Room: Carron B

Friday 15th August 11:00 [Carron A] Bob Pressey
Estimating impact of MPAs and MPA networks: why and how

Friday 15th August 11:15 [Carron A] Georgina Gurney
Methods in retrospective impact evaluation of marine protected areas: a review

Friday 15th August 12:30 [Carron A] Georgina Gurney
Predicting future impacts of MPAs with simulation models

Friday 15th August 16:30 [Boisdale] Rafael Magris
Conservation planning for coral reefs to account for disturbance related to climate change

Saturday 16th August 19:00 [Boisdale] Rodolphe Devillers
Reinventing residual reserves in the sea: are we favouring ease of establishment over need for protection?

Monday 18th August 09:45 [Carron B] Rebecca Weeks
Towards explicit objectives for connectivity in marine conservation planning

Monday 18th August 15:45 [Lomond Auditorium] Natalie Ban
Applying empirical estimates of marine protected area effectiveness to assess conservation plans

18th August 15:15 [Lomond Auditorium] Melanie Hamel
Understanding and accounting for the limitations of biophysical maps in conservation planning: a risk assessment framework for practitioners.


P.55 Maha Khalil
Using larval dispersal models and habitat spatial analysis in reserve network design in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea

P.64 Amélie Augé
Understanding cumulative impacts of coastal development on seagrass using land-use change scenarios and Bayesian networks

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