Jess_Cheok_1Jessica Cheok will be presenting her Master of Philosophy Confirmation Seminar:

“Spatial prioritisation for marine conservation –Sensitivity of priorities to thematic and spatial resolution”

Abstract: Conservation resources in most circumstances are highly limited. Effective prioritisation of important biodiversity areas for conservation is thus paramount in most situations. In order to prioritise effectively, the influence of data and planning characteristics (such as planning unit and thematic unit resolution) on spatial analyses are critical interactions to understand. There is substantial evidence indicating that these factors can influence the outcomes of such spatial prioritisation assessments, subsequently affecting management decisions. I plan to quantitatively assess the influence of planning unit and thematic resolution on spatial prioritisation assessments for systematic marine conservation planning. I also plan to examine the transitional phase of differing resolutions between planning (coarse resolution) and implementation (fine resolution) stages of marine conservation. This transition is a pivotal link in the process of successful conservation management and a currently large knowledge gap in conservation planning.

When: Friday 19th September 2014, 9:00am

Where: James Cook University, Townsville Campus, Building 34 Room 124 (campus map)


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